Mission Statement

The mission of the Barberton Community Development Corporation is to enhance the City of Barberton’s quality of life through the creation and preservation of healthy businesses and quality jobs. We accomplish our mission by working with companies that are relocating to or expanding within the city of Barberton.

Vision Statement

We envision BCDC to be a catalyst for positive change in the creation of economic wealth for Barberton. Through our efforts we intend that Barberton will become known as a good place to do business, a place where there is a culture that values, mentors and inspires business and institutions to invest here, expand here, create jobs here, and provide a good work place for their employees.

We envision that, through our efforts, Barberton will become known throughout Summit County and the Northeast Ohio region as a destination location for businesses where their potential can be cultivated and realized.

We want to create an atmosphere where our existing platform businesses can thrive, expand, and create a synergistic attraction to other businesses and institutions that are like-minded.

Our targets are:

We envision Barberton to be a business-friendly place that recognizes and practices private sector and public sector collaboration to create an environment for capital investment, business expansion and job creation. We want Barberton to be recognized as the “go to” business location place with a reputation for “getting the job done.”

We want Barberton to be known as a place that is committed to its economic development and properly appropriates its resources, and prepares its workforce to meet the challenging demands of the future required in order for our people, our businesses, our institutions, and our industries to be successful.

We envision that through our efforts, the public welfare will be improved, the demand for government expenditures for social services will decrease, and that tax revenues will increase, reducing the burden of government in its provision of quality services.

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